Parish Council

The Parish Council would like to inform residents that the Parish Council Notice Boards are located within the PC bus shelters of which there are four which are updated on a regular basis. These include information regarding the monthly meetings.

About the Parish Council

Parish and Town Councils are led by democratically elected Councillors from the local Community. These local Councillors decide on what services and projects the Council will deliver.  As representatives of the first tier of local government and the closest to their comunities, local councillors are best placed to engage with their residents and find out what the real local issues are and how to overcome them.  The role of a Parish Councillor is voluntary.

Local Councils run  elections to encourage residents who are passionate about their community to stand for election and thus contribute towards what goes on in their community.  There are currently 12,000 Councillors serving on the 10,000 local Councils in England.

We feel it is our duty to provide as much information as possible on Parish Council functions, services, meetings and news to all members of our community.  Town and Parish Councillors are an essential part of the structure of local democracy and have a vital role in acting on behalf of the communities they represent. 

Beeford Parish Council currently has ten Councillors who serve a four year term.  Meetings are held at the Community Centre, Main Street on the second Monday every month, this rarely changes unless there are special circumstances.  There is no meeting held in the months of August and  January.  In April, every year there is an Annual General Meeting at which the Chair and Vice-Chair are elected and representatives chosen.  The dates of all meetings are shown as Agendas and displayed in the Parish Council Notice Boards.


Beeford Parish Council

The sections to the left of the page provide up to date details of the Parish Councillors and their contact details, dates of Council meetings, agendas, and Minutes. Check the news section for up to date news.