Crime updates

Community Speed Watch - Volunteers wanted in Beeford > Humberside-guidance-notes.-approved..pdf


Engagement Officer for ERYCC Police Crime Commissoner


Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner E Bulletine : > issue-2-ery-e-bulletin-jun-2019.pdf (20th May 2019)

Parish Information


A Community Emergency Plan is now being prepared by the Parish Council which is to be referred to in the event of an emergency affecting the village of Beeford as a whole namely BEPART.  All information relating to the Emergency Plan can be found under the heading Community Groups.

All information regarding what to do in the case of an emergency will be put on the website.  Anybody wanting to volunteer their services during such an event please contact the Parish Council or come along to the Parish Council meetings and share your ideas.


The Parish information section will give you information details of our:

  • Events
  • Planning Applications
  • History
  • Churches
  • Medical Services
  • Transport
  • Schools

Details for any of the above can be found by clicking the appropriate links.

Humberside Fire & Rescue Services >Humberside-fire-and-rescue.pdf

Play Area

The Play Area has been improved and a new fence and gates have been installed.  A big thank you to Lissett Wind Farm Fund for their contribtion. 
We are pleased to announce the arrival of Mystical World Multiplay installed November 2020
The Parish Council are happy to announce the new Roundabout has arrived in the Play Area and is already in use (March 2019).
The Parish Council are a happy to announce the new Aerospeed Cablewire has arrived in the Play Area and should be ready and available for the children to use week commencing 20th February 2017.