PCC asks for views on 101 and 999 services

Residents of the Humberside Police area are being asked to take a few minutes to tell the Police and Crime Commissioner about their experiences of the 101 and 999 services, as well as preferences for future modes of contact.

The Police Contact Survey runs until midnight on Sunday, June 26.

Click on this link to be taken to the survey


BT has notified East Riding of Yorkshire Council that they are considering the removal of 18 public payphones/boxes in East Riding because there has been a decline of over 90% in payphone usage. This will include the payphone in Beeford.
Over the last 12 months the number of calls made from the payphone in Beeford was 1 which is making it very difficult to justify the retention  of the payphone.  It is with this in mind that BT have put forward several options as follows:-
1. Agree to the removal of the payphone and box in Beeford.
2. Agree that the payphone can be removed but adopt the box.
3. Object to the loss of the payphone and provide evidence for the retention of the payphone.
The Parish Council have agreed that the payphone can be removed due to the non usage of the payphone and neglected poor condition of the box, but have asked to adopt the box so that it can be retained as a local feature. We believe that the traditional red box plays a significant part in our National Heritage and should remain in Beeford. Once the adoption process has been completed further plans for the box will include a refurbishment programme.
BT and the Community Heartbeat Trust are working together to help communities turn their adopted boxes into Local Medical Access Defibrillators, storing the Defibrillator in a well recognised, safe, weather protected location.  The current location of the box in Beeford would be ideal as it is next to the village Post Office on the Main Street at the busy junction of the A165. This may be an option that we will be considering.
There may be other suggestions that you wish the Parish Council to consider in relation to the use of the box and your feedback would be very welcome.  Please contact the Clerk. 
It was proposed and agreed at the last Parish Council meeting dated 15th December  2020  that phone box will undergo a refurbishment programme afterwhich a defibrillator would be installed into the box.
Community Transport Groups and Voluntary Car Scheme providers across East Riding are currently seeking  volunteers to assist with delivering vital transport services which enable residents to access local hospitals, doctors surgeries, dentists and shopping amenities. 
Please see attached >/General volunteering-2020.pdf

Beeford have been given the opportunity to join many other towns/villages to join the Keep Britain Tidy Campaign.  The Dog Fouling campaign was launched Autumn 2017 and it is aimed at dog walkers who don't scoop the poop. 

>We're-watching-you-campaign.pdf-  > about the campaign

Food Waste bags ( caddy liners) for brown bins are now available at the Post Office as well as the mobile library. I roll per person.


8/02/18 - The First of four Bus/waiting Shelters has been installed today opposite the post office.  This is the largest of the shelters and fits in very well with the village location.   

09/10/17 - BUS/WAITING SHELTERS  - Beeford Parish Council are pleased to announce that they have secured funding from the Lissett Wind Farm fund for the installation of 4 x Public Waiting cantilever style shelters (two with end panels)  to be installed within the village.  It was agreed during the last PC meeting 9th October 2017 that the installation/plans for the shelters should commence shortly. The Parish Council Clerk will be working In conjunction with the ERYCC  and the selected Contractor Shelutions regarding relevant sites and preparations for the ground work.  The proposed sites will be along Main Street, these being opposite the Post Office, Alton Park junction, Manor Drive and opp Johnson French interiors.  The final decisions will be made once EYCC have given us the go ahead.  

31/08/17 - NOW GROUP UPDATE - Total raised to date with donations and events is £30,960.16.  Target has been hit.   

10/07/17 - AD PLANT APPEAL - Gascorp have withdrawn their appeal against the council decision.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council warn of possible flooding on Friday 13th January 2017 for more information call floodline on 01482 393399 or click on the link below:-  NHS choices

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Covid19 Business Support update


Hornsea Four Project Update.





Fracking is one of the biggest concerns in our area.  Please click on the links below to learn about what could be happening in the village you live in.  >Planet Earth



Letter received from a concerned resident which echoes some of the feelings of the people living in Beeford.(click)-Residents-letter


A grant has been set up for the financial year 2017/18 to provide home security support for residents who have limited funds to stay safe in their own homes.  Residents can apply of they are disabled and/or over 60 and are renting in either the private sector or from a Housing Association.