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18th February 2022 - The NOW committee held a meeting dated 18th February 2022 to discuss the way forward with the funds held in NOW Group Bank Account. The bank account has £29,158.76.  The only outstanding expense is £63.17p for the last three years web site annual fees leaving a total of £29,095.59p. It has been confirmed by Angela McKie, on behalf of the NOW Group Committee that this amount will be shared equally between the villages of Beeford, North Frodingham and Foston on the Wolds and each village will received £9,598.53 on 1st July 2022.  Beeford Playing Fields and North Frodingham Playing Fields and Foston Village Hall have agreed to accept the transfers and will use the funds within their own committees.

The NOW Group will be disbanded after the transfer of funds has been completed and the bank account closed. Angela McKie, Dave Goodwin, Di Blanchard, Sally and Dave Young, Nick Muirhead, Catherine and Peter Whiffin would like to say thank you to everyone who has been involved with the campaign. The past and present members of the committee who gave so much time and dedication and all members of the communities who donated in time and money and who came together to achieve a strong and successful campaign.  


23/11/2020  We have received an update in relation  to the AD /Data/Sites/94/media/general/ad-annual-update.eml.pdf


17/03/2018 email received from Angela McKie  - COMMITTEE MEETING HELD TO DISCUSS AD ACCOUNT - HELD IN FEBRUARY   

There was a committee meeting held in February to discuss the accounts.  Each village has a representative on the committee and it was agreed to hold the funds for a period of 5 years.  The bank balance stands at £29,488.76p and is held in the AD current account.  We had a discussion regarding the best and safest place for the funds and agreed to hold in the current account until further notice.



10th July 2017 - Inspectorate has confirmed that Gascorp have withdrawn their appeal against the council decision. 










Beeford Waste Plant

Letter to all residents following information received on Monday 10th July 2017 from the inspectorate that the applicant Gascorp (West Farm) Ltd have withdrawn their appeal.