Chairman Kieth McCloud - ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2019/21 on behalf of Beeford Parish Council - >Chairmans Report-May 2021

Chairman Keith McCloud - ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2018/19 on behalf of Beeford Parish Council - >Chairmans Report May 2019

Chairman Keith McCloud - ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2017/18 on behalf of Beeford Parish Council - >Chairmans Report April 2018

Chairman Keith McCloud -  ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2016/17 on behalf of Beeford Parish Council - >Chairmans Report May 2017

All meetings are held in the Beeford Community Centre, Main Street Beeford. Meetings are held on the second Monday of every month except where there is a Bank Holiday in the month. There are no meetings in August and January, Extra Ordinary meetings are sometimes arranged when required and details of these meetings will be given separately. Sometimes, a date may be changed due to unforeseen circumstances.

An agenda will be displayed on the Beeford notice board and the Parish Council website at least three days before the meeting.  For current and recent meetings Agendas and Minutes please select the appropriate tab on the left.  Minutes will be displayed on our website within a week of the next meeting to which they refer.

An East Riding Ward Councillor is usually in attendance. 

Once the Agenda has been issued this cannot be added to. If between the issue of the Agenda and the day of the meeting, other matters arise, these cannot be dealt with and must be referred to a future meeting.  Only in exceptional circumstances where  there is a date that urgently needs to be met before the next meeting.

There is nothing to prevent council including an agenda of "updates" provided it is clear that the purpose of the item is for information/update only and that no decisions can be made.

The Councillors updates are at the discretion of the Chairman depending on time or if the matter should be for the next Agenda/meeting.



11th October-2021

13th September-2021


7th June-2021

10th-May-2021 - AGM




15-12-20  9-11-20 cancelled due to Covid19

12-10-20  14-09-20 cancelled due to Covid 19




9-03-20  10-02-20  9-12-2019  11-11-19

14-10-19  9-09-19  8-07-19  10-06-019 

7-05-19 (ACM)  8-04-19



11-03-19 11-02-19  10-12-18  12-11-18

 08-10-18 10-09-18  09-07-18  11-06-18

 14-05-18  09-04-18



12-03-18  12-02-18   11-12-17  13-11-17

   09-10-17  11-09-17   10-07-17   12-06-17  

08-05-17  10-04-17



13-03-17   13-02-17   12-12-16   14-11-16 

 10-10-1612-09-16    11-07-16   13-06-16 

 09-05-16  11-04-16