Local Amenities & Services

Medical Services

BEEFORD SURGERY MEDICAL CENTRE, Rectory Lane, Beeford, YO25 8BA, telephone 01262 488234

LEVEN & BEEFORD MEDICAL PRACTICE, 29 High Street, Leven, Y025 8BA, telephone 01262 499234

PRIORY VETS, Straight Line, Beeford, YO25 8BE, telephone 01262 481005, email beeford@prioryvet.co.uk


ST LEONARDS CHURCH, Rectory Lane, Beeford, Y025 8BA.

BEEFORD METHODIST CHAPEL, Main Street, Beeford, YO25 8AY. Contact Mr Wilf Train, telephone 01262 488865


BEEFORD CHILDREN'S CENTRE, Main Street, Beeford, YO25 8AY.  Telephone 01262 481699

BEEFORD CHURCH OF ENGLAND (VC) PRIMARY SCHOOL, Main Street, Beeford, YO25 8AY.  Telephone 01262 488444, email beeford.primary@eastriding.gov.uk, Headteacher Mrs MJK Bell

Eating Out

TIGER INN, 1 Main Street, Beeford, YO25 8AS.  Telephone 01262 488733

GREAT WALL CHINESE, 16 Bridlington Road, Beeford, YO25 8AN.  Telephone 01262 481689

BEEFORD FISH AND CHIPS, 2 Bridlington Road, Beeford, YO25 8AN. Telephone 01262 481700

LIBRARY - Find your nearest library www.eastridinglibraries.co.uk/find-a-library

WALKS - Find local walking routes www.walkingtheriding.eastriding.gov.uk and www.eastridingcoastandcountryside.co.uk