The Community Emergency Response team:-
Chairman Keith McCloud              5 Horner Garth        - 07736160963
Vice Chairman Clark Robson        8 Mill View               - 01262 481204
Cllr Rosalind Turner                      7 Glebe Gardens     - 01262 481178
Cllr Alan Turner                             7 Glebe Gardens     - 01262 481178
Cllr Ian Sawyer                             3 Wharram Fields     - 01262 481071
Cllr Brian Jackson                        65 Main Street          - 01262 488524
Cllr J Sowersby                            Town Farm                - 01262 488212
The Plan will be activated when a member of the Emergency team have been contacted then the emergency team will meet at the following location.
Beeford Community Centre         Main Street             - 01262 488900
key holders  Gill Kendall/Barbara Smithson
There will be three emergency boxes held by Chairman McCloud, Cllr R Turner and tba.These boxes will contain a copy of the Electors, map of the area, telephone number lists and other items for use in an emergency.
Once the Emergency Response team are together the nature of the incident will be assessed and action will commence. Questions to be considered are what has happened, location and extent of the incident, casualties involved and how many and which services are required and contact as soon as possible.  Contact  all volunteers who have offered their services/help and also ensure that contact with vulnerable persons has been established.  The Community Centre will be a suitable venue for emergency accommodation.
Useful telephone  numbers to note are:-
Fire, Police, Ambulance, Coastguard          999
ERYC                                                          01482 887700
Electricity Emergency                                  105
Yorkshire Electricity                                     0800 375675
Yorkshire Water                                           0845 124 24 24 
Floodline                                                      03459881188
Humberside Fire & Rescue                         Humberside-fire-and-rescue.pdf
This Plan is a very basic outline of what will happen in the event of an Emergency and is still ongoing.  This Plan will be updated as and when necessary.

Notice Board

B.E.P.A.R.T are pleased to announce that we have been able to help those in isolation/High Risk Groups.  Our aim is to be able to deliver food parcels to residents in the Parish of Beeford on a weekly basis during the Covid 19 Lockdown.  This is currently in week 18 and has proved to be very successful.  In order to help us achieve our targets of delivery of food parcels of up to 75 parcels a week Grants have been given by Hey Smile Foundation, Tescos bags for Help and generous donations that have been given from local residents in Beeford.  An application was made to FareShare for support during the pandemic and they have delivered food to St Leonard's Church Rooms on a weekly basis for our distribution. Lissett Wind Farm have also helped us achieve our targets.  The Parish Council would like to say a huge thank you to these organisations for all of their support and also to our volunteers who have helped make this a great success. 



Volunteers with/without skills urgently required, please contact the Clerk so that you can become part of the BEPART Team in the event of an emergency in Beeford.