Beeford Village Map

Public Protection Order 2016 - Land in the Parish of Beeford  >Public Protection Order 2016

 Beeford Village walkabout was completed on 20th May 2018.  Please see attached schedule of proposed works/comments.

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Beeford Post Office - Londis Beeford, 18 Main Street, YO25 8AS Tel: 01262 48820


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Salt Bins

There are 9 salt bins in the village of Beeford situated at:-


Baronwood Crescent,  No. 558
Church Lane, Main Road junction (Parish owned)  No 561
Main Street, Parklands  No. 559
Manor Drive, No. 560 
St Leonards Close,  No. 562 (Church owned)
Wharram Field, No 10095
Ashleigh Drive (Parish owned) No 1801
Alton Park (Parish owned) No. 1802
Church Lane (botttom of Church Lane) Parish owned.
All salt bins are routinely checked and filled before the start of the winter season by East Riding of Yorkshire Council.
(Church Lane and Ashleigh Drive, Alton Park are chargeable to the Parish Council.)